designs and builds stuff

I am a forward deployed engineer at Palantir

I like to write, read and tweet


Crafting long term growth is hard and important. Oftentimes, this isn't intuitive.

I have the opportunity to wake up every day and do something I love: to help people uncover purpose and create massive change. The key is to connect people with what they already do, and then design change in technologies and habits.

I write on wordpress to share my personal challenges and strategies as I encounter people, cultures, and ideas

Frank actively looks for adventures involving interesting places, spicy foods and bold coffee. He stays sane with power naps and long distance running.


Frank Chen is a Forward Deployed Engineer in Business Development at Palantir. He works with the Helix team to solve healthcare's hardest problems. Prior, Frank led web frontend engineering on Amazon Zocalo with Amazon Web Services. Zocalo is a secure enterprise sharing and feedback platform. At Sandia National Labs, he researched the visualization and analysis of very large datasets. Frank received an M.S. in Computer Science focused in Human-Computer Interaction from Stanford. With the Stanford Prevention Research Center, Frank created interventions based on behavioral theories on mobile phones. He worked with the Persuasive Technology Lab and the Tiny Habits program with BJ Fogg. Frank wrote a Master's thesis (advised by Eric Hekler, Abby King, BJ Fogg, and Scott Klemmer) on the design of health messages in exergames to improve health outcomes. He received a B.S. in Computer Science from UCLA. Frank researched networked systems and image processing with the Center for Embedded Networked Systems. At the Rand Corporation, he built systems to elicit expert opinions for group decision-making.

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