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In this talk, I will explore the potential of integrating large language models and generative artificial intelligence (AI) agents into our work processes. Specifically, we’ll examine how natural language interactions with AI-powered agents, including APIs and infrastructure, can create a new form of collaboration while keeping the human-in-the-loop. As an industry, we have only just begun to tap into the possibilities of AI technology.

I’ll share some of my preliminary findings and discuss the opportunities presented by AI-enhanced coworkers. By delving deeper into their capabilities, we can understand how these agents can assist us in our existing workflows. Addressing the big questions surrounding the safe, ethical, and effective use of this technology is critical to its successful implementation.

My motivation for this talk stems from my desire to help people make better decisions and to create technologies that connect them better with their true objectives. I’ll reference real-world examples showcasing the benefits and challenges of integrating large language models and AI agents in work processes.

Please note that this talk is separate from my software development and leadership roles at Slack.

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