Circuit Breakers

Applying Friction for Developer Productivity

This article accompanies the talk and shares a preview of references for the Slack engineering blog article on how Slack implemented circuit breakers in internal tooling.
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A Timeless Software Developer Reading List

The 24 books that I recommend to software developers

Learning software development is a fundamental skill in today’s world. I hoped to share a list of books for understanding and growing in software development. I have shared parts of this list with team members who join my team or who I mentor.
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10 Days of Silent Meditation

Actionable knowledge from my journey to join a Goenka meditation workshop

I recently joined a 10 day meditation workshop after procrastinating for years, despite “knowing” of meditation’s benefits. Every one’s path to meditation is different. This article is my [meanering] story to deepen my practice and how I came to join a workshop.
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Relationship Hack with Slack

A Six Month Experiment

Haley and I have been using Slack as a primary way to communicate in the past 6 months, and its been an authenticity and delight creating relationship hack.
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The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Web Development

Lessons from the Web Lead of an Amazon Web Service

My friends love learning. This guide is an amalgamation of emails I have sent friends and things I have picked up in my journey to learn web development [1]. By the end of this guide you’ll be able to answer the following questions: “How might I build a personal website...
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Writing Workflow

Building a System that Lasts

This article is about the steps I’ve taken to iterate upon my writing workflow. I’m writing this partially as documentation of how to structure a writing project in the same way as a software project.
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How to Design for Habit

The Secret to Making Great Products

Let’s say you created a product. A product that solves a common specific problem for many people. Yet, after a sign-up or an application download for your solution, people continue to have the same problem and do not use your product. “Why?!” Why might someone continue to have a problem...
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Playlist Your Morning Routine

Beat Complexity like a Boss

Some mornings start off awesome, and the day stays awesome. Other mornings start slow and create slowness throughout the day. These slow days suck.
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