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08/09/2023 AI Powered Developer Workflows  
05/18/2023 AI Has Entered the Chat  
03/13/2023 The AI Sea Change for the Future of Work  
12/01/2021 Circuit Breakers  
07/24/2021 How Tracing Uncovers Half-truths in Slack’s CI Infrastructure  
12/08/2018 A Timeless Software Developer Reading List  
09/24/2018 10 Days of Silent Meditation  
10/15/2017 Relationship Hack with Slack  
11/02/2014 “Why Your App Got Deleted…” Behavioral Antipatterns for Product Design  
10/26/2014 The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Web Development  
09/01/2014 Writing Workflow  
08/09/2014 How to Design for Habit  
08/03/2014 Playlist Your Morning Routine  
08/03/2014 Design your Personal Operating System — Habits  

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